5 Survival Tips If There Is a War in Your Place


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Many countries have gone into wars. You might know of the famous World War 1, 2, and the cold war. You might not know the extent of destruction and deaths that result from such conflicts. Unlike the military that have fighting skills, you might not have any military skills when the war starts. Here are tips to help you survive in a war environment. 

1. Learn to Shoot– If you have someone who can teach you to shot, grab the opportunity. Your survival will depend on it.

2. Prepare Your Car– If you have a car, put weapons, food, water, and clothes. Be careful not to drive towards the enemies. 

3. Stay Fit- If you don’t have a car, or the roads are blocked, your legs can save you. You must be in a position to run at a break-neck speed in case of an attack.

4. Exit Plan-You must have a different exit plan in case of an attack. Make secret paths.

5. Survival Kits– The enemies might have teargas or dangerous chemicals. Survival kits should contain protective overall and gas masks.