Survival Tips If Your Ship Starts Sinking

Survival tips if your ship starts sinking

The idea of being in a sinking ship is a nightmare. Imagine people crying and rushing all over to avoid drowning. Later on, the world gets the shocking news of a ship that sank and killed everyone on board. You might not want to think of this, but that what happened to some vessels like the mighty Titanic. In such a situation, here is how to survive.

1. Remain Calm– When people run up and down, they are likely to injure each other. When you remain calm, you can think of actions to take. There is still time before the ship sinks completely.

2. Get to a Lifeboat– Use the shortest way to a lifeboat without using elevators. Stairs are safer.

3. Life Jacket– Once you are in the lifeboat, put on a life jacket.