How to Survive When Working For a Toxic Employer


With the increasing rate of unemployment, quitting for a job is the last option. Most people have to deal with personal and work-related stress. If you have never worked for a terrible boss, you are lucky. A boss can destroy your career if you are not careful. Sometimes it is practically impossible to change him. Since you need to remain positive, read the tips below.

1. Have a Friend – You need a friend outside your job, who you can tell whatever is hurting you. You can get into depression if you don’t share.

2. Create Boundaries– You should not let your boss call you on weekends and night to spoil your moment. Don’t let him force you to carry work and do it at home.

3. Exit Plan– Don’t just quit without a plan. Call friends to connect you to other jobs. You can start applying for jobs and looking for better opportunities.

4. Avoid Confrontation– You should tell him whatever he needs to hear but remain true to yourself. In case there is a misunderstanding, address it right away.

5. Stress Reliever– You should manage your stress by doing what you love most before or after work.