3 Ways to Stop Excessive Bleeding


When hospitals get over crowded and can’t find a nurse or doctor to help you, then you can help the situation yourself on how to stop excessive bleeding.

Here is what you need to do and know.

1. If Possible, Raise the Injured Body Part Above the Heart – Gravity will stop the blood from flowing so quickly and make it easier to stop.

2. Put Pressure on the Wound where it will help the area not until it stops flowing. Find a think cloth and if the blood soaks through then you should add another layer. Do not remove the cloth or it will rip away any clotting agents from the wound. So it won’t heal properly.

3. Use Pressure Points – Press on the These are areas where blood vessels are close to the surface. It will help the blood flow slow down. Common pressure points: between the shoulder and elbow, behind the knee, groin area along the bikini line.

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