4 Principles to Help You Survive a Childless Marriage


After marriage, many people have high expectations. They look forward to having children and even getting names before conceiving. Unfortunately, their dreams of getting children die as the years pass. Some have infertilities issues, while others experience a miscarriage. Sadly, some end up divorcing, while others live a miserable life. If you’re living in a childless marriage, here are tips for surviving in it.

1. Memorizing Scriptures

If you are Christian, you can read scriptures and cling to the promise of God. Read about the families that remained childless for long and got children later on.

2.  Reading Books

You can read books about families who have been in the same tough situation. You will learn through their experience and know you are not the only one.

3. Get Support

When in such a situation, many people tend to isolate themselves. You should get encouragements from the community around you. People who are willing to walk with you as a family

4.  People will demand a reasonable explanation why you don’t have kids.

Are you traveling?

Are you still in college?

Are you saving the world?

Simply stating, “No, we don’t have kids yet,” is not sufficient for most people.

If you’re married, female, and in your 20s, then surely you want children immediately. There must be a very, very good reason you don’t have children yet.

I’ve found, “We love Netflix,” or “We like spending money,” or “We’re taking our time” read as selfish answers not deemed as acceptable.

The truth is, people are wary of 20-somethings who are married, stable, and simply don’t want children yet. I’d like to think people in 2016 could be open-minded enough to realize there are simply different lifestyles. I’m not so sure this is the case.

My husband and I are not celebrities. Work keeps us busy, but we’re good multi-taskers and could manage. We’re certainly not traveling the world or saving it. Most nights, we sit in front of the television or he plays video games while I read. Some weeks, our biggest excitement is a spontaneous trip to the mall. We are not living a Gatsby-style life.

So why don’t we have kids yet?

Because. That’s why.