How to build a camp fire from scratch


Fire has been around for many centuries.  Since the cave man first figured out how to light fire things have evolved tremendously, and today we have a lighter.  However, in times of survival there will be times where you might not have a lighter on you. So we prepared this article to show you how to  build a camp fire from scratch.

Bed of Fire

You should find an area away from trees and bushes and begin building your fire bed.  You should prepare it on the bare floor.  Avoid grass if possible.  And becareful, dry grass, branches and bark can catch fire easily.  When you made sure you cleared the area, get some dirt and place it in the middle of the cleared area.  Create a base with the dirt, around 4 inches thick.

Wood Gathering

The best wood to fuel your wood is tinder, kindling and fuel wood.

Tinder is can catch flame easily however burns fast.  Its perfect to start a campfire with ease.  Look around for dry leaves, dry bark, and wood shavings, or even dry grass to. wet tinder does not catch on fire.   Warning, keep tinder dry, wet tinder won’t light up.

Kindling is the substance that keeps the fire burning.  kindling consists of small twigs and branches.

Fuel wood. is what keeps the fire burning even longer.  The perfect fuel wood is finding the ones that are as big as your wrist or forearm.

Time to Lay your Fire using the Teepee lay


  1. Place some tinder right in the middle of your campfire site.
  2. On top create a teepee with kindling. Fill it up as much as possible.
  3. Then take your fuel wood and create a surrounding structure around the kindling.
  4. Light up a match and place it under your tinder.
  5.  The flame will eventually rise to the kindling and then on to the fuel wood.
  6. At some point the teepee structure will eventually fall, and at this point you can simply add some fuel logs to the fire.

Putting Out Your Fire

So you’re done with your fire and you are ready to kill your fire

Start early.   Keep in mind it takes around 20 minutes to put out a camp fire.  So make sure you start early.

Sprinkle, don’t pour.  Always keep a bucket of water next to your fire just for safety reasons.  To act like a distiguisher, you should sprinkle your water and not pour.  If you pour your water there is a chance you will be pouring water that might be needed later on.

Touch test. DWait until the ashes are not warm anymore.  If you can feel heat, you are  not done yet.

Dispose the ashes. Get rid of the ashes when you are done.  Either scatter them or scoop them up.

We hope this article gave you good information on How to build a camp fire from scratch