How Can You Survive If You Get Stranded On The Mountain?

How can you survive if you get stranded on the mountain

Do you enjoy mountain hikes? Imagine getting stranded on a mountain one day. The idea is scary. The harsh climatic conditions make it difficult to survive for long. You can also be in danger of the animals that survive in such places. Before hiking, you need to know some safety tips. Read below to get amazing tips.

1. Be Calm– Panicking will make things worse. Sit, take water or food to help you calm

2. Think– Try to think of how you arrived at that place

3. Observation– You can look for any familiar landmark

4. Make a Plan– Make a plan on how you can send a signal to get help. Or how you can find the way out

5. Make Shelter- If there is no way out, make a shelter.

6. Fire– You requires fire to keep you warm.

7. Food-You can hunt or fish. You need food until rescue comes.