Tips on How You Can Survive a Plane Crash


You might be terrified by the images of a plane crash. Though it is not common, you cannot afford to ignore the precautions. Recently, there have been incidences of plane crash some killing everyone in the plane. In most cases, people survive. Your actions in the few minutes before the accident will determine if you will live or die. Here are the tips for surviving.

1. Tighten Your Safety Belt– When the plane starts going down, you need to tighten the safety belt. It will protect you from the impact.

2. Be Ready And Calm– You should be prepared to grab any exit opportunity that comes on your way.

 3. Avoid Going Back To Get Your Luggage– If you get a parachute, don’t start carrying your belongings.  If the plane crash and you get out safely, avoid going back. The plane can catch fire anytime.