Wilderness Survival Skills That Can Save Your Life


You don’t have to be a participant on the “Survivor” tv reality show to learn wilderness how to survive in the wild.   This is an instinct that we have inside us, and comes out when its needed.

Being in a modern world, with everything at hand, building a fire has become easier.  Water gathering has been easy as well. If a disaster strikes it would be great if you were ready for  minutes and the investment of a few dollars to assemble a pocket size wilderness survival kit that contains a small knife, compass, matches, fishing hooks and line, and perhaps a lightweight space blanket to be ready for survival.

A visit to most any sporting goods shop or camping supply store will be time well spent if you should suddenly be faced with a survival situation.

But more important than survival gear is the learning of wilderness survival skills. This is because the greatest asset in case of emergency is your own power of knowledge.   An individual with proper skills and knowledge can survive has more chances of survival than the usual.

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