Urban Bug Out Bag Checklist


What is a bug out bag?

When a type of crisis hits like, earthquakes, pandemics, black outs, EMP’s etc.  When there is a crisis of such a scale you will have to leave for your safety , so its best to have a bug out bag to help you be prepared.

Do I need a bug out bag?

Yes having a bug out bag will help you survive for sure.

Bug out bag checklist:

To make sure you will be safe you will need to make sure you have the right stuff with you.

You will need a bug out bag.   You can buy these, at any store that sells survival kits.  Online stores like our store will help you find what you need. The rest of the stuff are listed below which will go into the bug out bag.

• Water filter

• Durable water bottle.

• Food items

• Tools

• Bug out first aid kit

• Personal hygiene items

• Eating utensils: collapsible dish, fork, spoon (you already have a knife).

• Sewing kit

• Marine style camo hat, light weight work gloves, extra socks, 8×10 tarp

• Compass, camo compact, map of state you’re in

• Guns

• Antibiotics

• Backpack rain cover

• Bandanas

• Chap stick

• Small survival fishing kit

• Duct tape

• Flash (Thumb) drive

• Small hatchet

• Steel wool & 9 volt battery – great fire starter but store apart from each other

• Pen and pencil

• Pocket chain saw

• Siphon or clear plastic hose, 5-6 feet long

• Sling shot

• Small solar charging kit

If you are new in the survival niche, don’t worry.  You can look online for more information on how everything works.

Take a little time each month to practice an element of survival. It’s all about building a base of basic knowledge methodically one piece at a time. As long as you stick with it, within a few months you’ll have a solid survival skill set, be more confident in your abilities and even reduce stress by worrying less about the day it all hits the fan.


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