Ultimate Survival Kit List


We have created a list of what we consider the Ultimate Survival Kit List for you to use in case of emergency to help you survive

Ultimate Survival Kit List

Flashlight – It will be good to carry some sort of flashlight in your survival kit, in order to be able to be productive in dark situations.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 3.06.01 PM

Compass – A compass will allow you to navigate when lost.

Old compass on white background with soft shadow

Maps – It’s better if you get to know about an area. Its best to have a few maps with you which covers your immediate area, and nearby areas . make sure you store them in waterproof ziploc bags.

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A Medical Kit – Your medical kit should include latex gloves, tweezers, bandages, pain killers, antidiarrheals, sutures, needles, and antiseptics.

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Medical Kit

Knives – A knife is an extremely important survival tool. A proper, quality survival knife will help you in hunting, gathering, cooking and self defence. Preferably a folding knife will do best, in terms of safety, room, and to keep on you too. Easy to carry around.

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Survival Knife

A Multitool – Very useful to have, to cover any other problems you might face, and a multi-tool will probably have the tool you need to take care of your situation.

Multi- Tool

Crowbar – A crowbar can be used as a hook, and with a rope tied to it, you can get to places you never thought possible. Maybe climb out of a hole you fell in.

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Crow Bar

Collapsible Shovel – You can carry around, and will come in handy when you need to dig any fire pits, or shelters. The most imporant use from a collapsible shovel, is to use it as a frying pan.

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Folding Shovel

Water Purification – Every survival kit should have iodine tablets to purify the water you will find in the wild.

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Iodine Tablets Water Purification

Water Storage – Get a Canteen to carry around and to store your water with you.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 3.18.33 PM
Water Container

Sleeping Bag – Sleeping bag will come in useful, if you have no shelter, and you need to keep yourself warm, and comfortable out in the wild.


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Sleeping Bag

Fire – Make sure you pack matches, bic lighters, a magnesium block and a striker will make sure you will have fire no matter what.

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Bic lighter

Vaseline and Cotton balls – A combination of both can create great fire starting material.


Cotton and Vaseline

Food – Pack dried pinto beans and tinned meats.

canned foods
canned foods

Bandannas – Bandannas can be wrapped over the head to protect you from the sun, and covering the face will protect you from dust. You can also use bandanas as a bandaid as well.

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Gloves – In cold climates you’ll want gloves to keep your hands warm, though in all climates a pair of leather working gloves can protect your hands and fingers from cuts and splinters while chopping wood.

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Waterproofing – With either garbage bags or a tarp, you can create a waterproof pack or impromptu shelter. Garbage bags are wise to have regardless of whether or not you’ve decided to pack a tent.

Water Proof Bags
Water Proof Bags

Radio – A hand crank radio for tuning into emergency stations is a great idea and a multiple band CB hand held may enable you to make contact with others nearby. Or, if you think you’ll be part of a group, radios for several members can make hunting and traveling safer and easier.

Etón American Red Cross
Etón American Red Cross

A Survival App – With the power of smartphones now a days, you can carry around a survival app, with all great information on how to survive in the situation you are in. Use your phone to download the latest survival app which resonates to you.


This is a pretty extensive kit, if it’s too heavy then get rid of any items you feel you won’t need. Create the your Ultimate Kit depending on where you are at.