Two Ways To Store Water Outside In the Cold To Prevent Freezing


There are two options to store your water outdoors if you can’t keep your storage indoors.

The First is building a greenhouse, where you will use 2 layers of plastic to help trap the heat inside and prevent the cold from getting in. The greenshouse will also keep your water from thawing when the weather is unbearably cold in the winter.

Storing Water in Your Car

Storing water in your car is a great idea, since you might use your car and find yourself stranded somewhere. However, if you live in freezing below temperature areas, then you should keep and store your water in the main , passenger area of the car and not in the trunk. Whenever your car is running, it will keep the inside warm. Also add a blanket for better insulation from the freezing cold that could make it freeze up.

Of all storage items, water is most quickly affected by freezing temperatures, especially if it is bitterly cold for a long period of time. But water is still essential to survival. These tips can help you prevent your water storage from freezing and ensure that it is ready to use when you need it.

For tools and materials to help you keep your water outside and preventing it from freezing click here.