Tips for Finding Safe, Edible Fish for survival


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If you are ever lost in the wilderness, you will have to find something to eat so you can survive. If you are lucky you might have water near by. Like ocean, or river maybe a lake? Finding safe fish is key to your survival in an off grid survival situation.

Looking for water is one of your priorities. When and if you come across surface water, you will be lucky. However, make sure its not a small puddle, but an ocean or a river which will mean there is an abundant of life and activity.

Fish are considered abundant than mammal species in some areas. This is your advantage. Fish will be an excellent source of protein and fat when consumed. Trick is to know how to catch them and how to cook them. Most fish need to be cooked before they are safe to consume. Think suhi in some, since you can eat them raw.

It can be helpful to think about the habits of fish before you attempt to catch them. Consider where fish like to hide and when they prefer to eat. Keeping this information in mind will help to direct your efforts and make finding your meals much easier.

These are some tips that will hlep you finding safe, edible fish for survival.