The Binder for Survival Preparedness


You can spend hours searching hon how to make homemade laundry soap, or learning how to make homemade food dehydrator , or even learn how to make home made fire startes using dryer lint. In order to be ready for any type of emergency make sure you have some sort of binder you can have all this information when disaster strikes.

Start to print out the info you want and make sure you cover all of the below topics.

Water: purification methods, sources of water containers

Food: food storage temperature chart, records of my long-term storage foods, recipes, edible wild plants

Medical: age/weight chart for medications, medicinal herbs and plants, first aid instructions, natural remedies

Gardening: what to plant in my zone, directions for sprouting

Preserving Foods: canning instructions, food dehydration directions

Alternative Energy Sources: directions for making a solar still and a solar phone charger

Evacuation: maps showing various routes out of our metropolitan area, a copy of our Family Evacuation Plan, a checklist of my Vehicle 72 Hour Kit

Communication: directions for using our shortwave radio, When Communication=Survival

To Do List: books to buy, things to research

Miscellaneous: dosage chart for potassium iodide tablets!

A well-organized Survival Mom Binder is a must-have reference book tailored to your family. Whether you grab it as you evacuate your home or just read it late at night in the comfort of your bed, it’s all yours with all the answers you were looking for!

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