The Best Way to Hone Your Survival Skills


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As humans we have the strong urge to survive and live. However, sometimes, depending on the situation it could mean the opposite too. If the situation is too overwhelming and the human doesn’t have the knowledge it could be very discouraging and scary. However, if you know what to do prior to any disaster strikes, that ovewhelming feeling will go away. So practice makes perfect, just like the school fire drill you had when you were young. You were prepared. You should follow suite at home. Make some fire drill situations so you can practice if a disaster does strike and it will help you in the long run.

Test yourself by creating real life situations. For example, try going camping on the weekends and only bring your survival bag. Camp in inclement weather so you’ll be prepared to handle that, but remember to let someone know the area where you’re going to go camping.

Practice as much as possible. Practice on almost anything you can think of. Look up how to use a first aid kit, how to treat a wound, and do it yourself. Practice doing things that you feel you would be unable if that situation strikes.

It’s important because the best way to survive is to practice what you’re going to do in any worst case scenario. You might not live in an area prone to tornadoes, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t ever happen to you. You never know.

Always make sure you are prepared mentally. Do not allow a situation to overwhelm you , or make you fall into discouragement because you are scared. You will need to focus, and make sure you prioritize your needs. You need 3 things set up. Shelter, Food and water. First shelter, then water and then food. In that order.

Of course, practice is easy when you’re already prepared for survival. You should already have your bug out bag with food and necessities already gathered and placed in your emergency pantry for your survival.

You should have staples in large quantities. Have water jugs filled and ready in your emergency pantry. Besides food, have batteries, flashlights and a camp stove put back as well.
But you should also get survival guides and study those so that you’ll know what to do if you have to get your food source from the land. For example, some people advocate eating plants, but certain plants will not only upset your stomach, they’ll kill you. What you want to do is to hope the worst case scenario never takes place – but you want to be prepared for it if it does.

These are the best ways to hone on your survival skills.