Survive the Wilderness by avoiding Food Poisoning


Food is esential for surviving in the wilderness. If there are plants in the area where they could help you survive. However, you should be aware, some of these plants could be poisonous. Always pick plants you are for sure that they are not poisonous. If you can’t find plants to eat, then try finding various fruits. Again, look for fruits which have no mildew or fungus. Also, if they smell like almonds, then these contain harmful substances like cyanide compounds.

Learn more how to avoid food poisoning in the wilderness by watching the video below on how to avoid food poisoning in the wilderness.

flashlight (small LED)
two garbage bags (large and preferably orange)
lighter (preferably butane)
strike anywhere matches in a water-proof case
magnesium flint striker
metal cup for boiling water
multi-tool or Swiss army knife (make sure it has a small saw blade)
parachute cord or similar rope (about 25 feet of ΒΌ inch cord)
protein bar(s)
sharp belt knife
solar or space blanket
medium or large zip-close bag