Survival Tips for Mega Prepping


Do you have any idea on how much your family consumed a month, in terms of toothpaste, or toilet paper? Laundry Soap? Peanut ButterButter? These items together with many others, are always consumed and should be part of your prepping foods. If you feel you are being distracted by moms find themselves getting distracted when using the slow-and-steady approach to prepping. If this describes you, mega-prepping may be the answer. Here’s how it works.

Begin tracking how much of an item your family uses in a month. Watch for sales and coupons for that item, and when you see it at a good price, buy enough to last twelve months. The beauty of this system is that your attention and money are focused on stocking up on one single thing at a time, and that you can also use it just for a few items instead of everything. This works particularly well for staples, such as wheat and sugar, and non-edibles, which are often on sale. Check on expiration dates. Always keep goals and space in mind
Stock up for the year.

Make sure you remember where you have stored everything as well. Just incase you are trying to hide it from others.
Here is some Food storage for you to use when mega prepping