Survival Tips For Backpackers


Backpackers need survival tips just to be on the safe side , just incase anything happens where you need to survive for few days etc.

A Few Survival Tips To Remember

Backpackers should learn how to make snow-block shelters without tools when the conditions are right. You can create trench-shelters of 2 x 3 foot snow-blocks with no tools. Stomp rectangles in the snow and lift up the resulting blocks. Stacking them on either side of a trench in the snow, and then across the top for a roof will create a shelter in just twenty minutes.

You can intake calories by drinking syrup which is collected from certain branches from both maple and birch trees.

Here is a tip to create a delicious dish, by boiling crayfish until they turn red , you can get a chunk of meat from the tail of each. Lifting rocks to find them is much more efficient than baiting them. They swim backwards, so reach from behind them to catch them.

If you see a porcupine, make sure you kill it with a stick if you haven’t got any type of weapons. They do not die easily, however you have the upper hand since they are slow. So you won’t have a problem hunting them down. Make sure you roast it by a fire.

For quick ropes and lashings in the desert, peel yucca leaves into strips and braid them together, overlapping the ends. It took thirty minutes for me to make a rope like this that four of us couldn’t break (two on each end).

I have cooked in containers made of birch bark. There are two methods. One is to drop fire-heated rocks into the liquid to bring it to a boil. The other is to use the pot directly over the flame. If the flame doesn’t go above the level of the liquid, the pot birch bark pot won’t burn, because the heat is conducted away quickly by the liquid inside.

Just stuffing your light jacket full of dried grass can effectively make it into a winter coat. It is even better (less itchy) if you have another jacket (like your raincoat), so you can put the grass or leaves between the two. Usually it will be more efficient to look for ways to modify what you already have than to try to make survival clothing.

There are hundreds of little tricks that can make wilderness travel interesting and safer. Even if you aren’t interested in practicing survival techniques, why not at least read a few survival tips now and then. Someday you may remember something that can save your life.