Procuring Water From Nothing With the Miracle Bag


To survive we need Food, Water, and Shelter. But what if you didn’t have a survival pack around. How would you go about ensuring you would survive long enough to get rescued?

Here is a tip that you may or may not know: If you were lost in the wilderness and needed to find water you would start out by heading east or west. Rivers predominately run north and south so my chances of finding water are greatly increased by heading east or west.

You should also know that water runs downhill, so it would be best to check for low lying areas along the way. You should also use the sun to keep your directions on the right course. Usually when people get stranded or lost, seem to go in circles without any type of tool to help with their direction.

Make sure that if its summer time, you pack a large trash bag in your survival kit. You can use it for a water bag if you use it properly.

Trees can produce up to 100 gallons of water per day through a process called transpiration. We just do not see it because of evaporation.

How To Collect It:

Place a large leafy branch of a tree inside of the trash bag (leave it attached to the tree of course) and tie the bags opening tight to the limb, to stop the evaporation process. Then leave it alone throughout the rest of the day and through the night.(approx.12-14 hrs). Remove the bag from the limb the next morning and inside you will find a lot of water.