Primitive Survival Off-Grid Communication


Being Off-Grid means having no electric power. As a result, your off-grid communication could be as simple as voice communication if you have a working walkie-talkie, CB radio or Ham with voice. You should also know how to morse code. There are alternative solutions which are genuinely primitive. Many of these forms include symbols and signals made by various arrangements of objects, or in the case of semaphore, the arrangement of flags in different configurations.

If you really want to go off-grid then you should learn how to morse code. If you don’t have any type of electricity or other form of communication, your only option is to get word to others by using sound and sight to communicate morse code and your chances of surviving are huge.

Morse can be Delivered in the following ways listed below.

1. Car Horn Morse Code
2. The Canoe Drum
3. A Hollow Tree
4. The Signal Mirror
5. Semaphore
6. Ground Signals
7. Body Signals
8. Primitive Off-Grid Survival Communication