Prepping You Can Do Right Now for Free


You don’t need to spend money to prep properly. Here are 5 ways you can prep for survival situations for free.

Work Out

The best thing to do to increase your chances of survival is to stay fit and exercise no matter where you are.

Plan ahead

You can’t Bug-out plan without a bug-out bag. You might be better off than someone who has a Bug out bag but no clue on how to evacuate.
It’s not hard making a survival plan. Think about what your priorities are and take action. Logical moves and decisions to keep your family and pets safe.

Keep an inventory

Make an inventory of everything you have. Make sure you have an inventory of all the things you have in your home that could be useful during a crisis.

Learn New Skills

The list of survival skills you could learn is a long one, but don’t let that intimidate you. Making primitive tools and weapons (mortar and pestle, tomahawks, fishing spears, slingshots), starting a fire, finding water, crossing a river, signaling for help, escaping a burning building, fixing various things around the house – all of these can be learned for free or almost for free.

Coupon Searching

Coupons can help you save a lot of money on preps in the long run. If you’re smart enough to use them during sales periods, you might even be able to get some items completely free! The coupon hunt will take a lot of time, though. You’ll have to look all over the Internet, subscribe to a bunch of newsletters, look for them in newspapers and closely monitor when the survival items you want are on sale.

This means you have to know what you want. Make a list of items to purchase. If you do it in excel, you’ll also keep track of how much you spent, so you can make a weekly average and try to keep it as low as possible.