Lessons you can learn from survivors of an abusive marriage


Since you were young, you could be dreaming of having a peaceful family someday. Unfortunately, the dream does not come true to many people. Some get abusive partners, who make their lives a living hell. Some are lucky to escape from such partners; others ultimately die. Before making the big decision, here are the four lessons to learn from survivors.

1. You Can’t Change Someone– Be careful if you are in a relationship where your partner keeps on insulting or hitting you. It will be worse after marriage. Don’t think you can change them later. 

2. Marriage for Right Reasons– Don’t rush into marriage because of a biological clock or peer pressure. Get married out of love.

3. Don’t Be Afraid– If you are in an abusive marriage, never fear to speak out or ask for help. Don’t hesitate to quit. Your life is precious.

4. Check Early Signs– Whether you are married or in a relationship, you should be keen on your partner’s behavior. If he is controlling, getting angry and reacting to petty things be careful. Act before it’s too late.