Knowing when to Bug out


One of the most important things to know, is knowing when to bug out when a disaster situation occurs. When should you evacuate when any type of disaster occurs?

People usually try to flee at the same time, which this causes a chaos all on its own.

Its important to be informed by the society , town, or government, but we would not depend on their instructions either. Its best to take your own life into your own hands by being prepared on your own, and evacuating once understanding the right time after your research and preparation. Your life is in your own hands.

Avoid being Another Statistic

In a situation where people are facing a disaster and they are trying to flee, we should consider that time is very limited and precious at this point. In this senario, people are not bug out ready. Due to this, the flow of evacuation will not be easy. There will be created mass chaos and unnecessary conflict.

If one lives in an area where they could be prone to disasters, it is always the best bet to have a well defined preparedness plan with maps and alternative routes in place. Don’t leave unless the plan is in place. A person who is prepared to leave and has a set destination in mind is more prepared than the person who is still trying to find items that will help them in their situation. You should also have an evacuation checklist on hand. This ensures that you have everything you need packed. A 72 hour bag that is ready to go for the family as well as a bag for any pets. Make sure that you have the right types of food packed. You should leave as soon as possible. Do not wait until they have opened up the contraflow lanes to evacuate.
Have some money set aside for an emergency. Understand that ATM’s and banks won’t be open. If you run out of gas, you will be stuck with no money for food, shelter or transportation. Having the proper items to keep it going can be of great value in a disaster situation. Items such as an oil, extra tire, fix-a-flat, collapsible shovel, and Knowledge is important to your survival.

Knowledge is essential in any type of emergency evacuation scenario. Imagine how important it would be if someone had the advantage of having the information to leave 3 hours before everyone else did. If they were already prepared and ready to go, it would be a huge advantage.

You should be aware of the different advisory forms to get the most information. There are many ways to learn about emergency advisories: radio, police scanners, Internet, twitter, and even a cell phone disaster alert system to alert a person at the earliest time possible. This will give someone a heads up of what it to come.

Be prepared by kwowing which station on the radio has Emergency Broadcast Stations. Count every minute to be critical when bugging out. If you are not ready then you will lose a lot of valuable time. Make sure your communication resources are working so you can get more info from various sources and not just one. You will have a greater advantage than those only listening to one type of communication form. Gathering information ahead of time of what the possible threat is (flood preparation, hurricane preparation, tornado, societal uprising, etc), and finding ways to avoid them will put a person in a better mind frame when they actually have to come head to head with the threat.

Identifying the Disaster

Waiting until an evacuation order is issued is considered too late for many people who consider themselves prepared. Knowing the signs and acting on them is the key to bugging out at the best time. If a person knows what to look for, they can prepare to leave ahead of the hoard of evacuees.

Consider the Dangers and Know the Threats

Knowing when to bug out solely depends upon the person and what they are trying to avoid. It is better to be safe than sorry. Obviously, evacuating in a high stress situation is absolutely the worst case scenario; yet, this tends to be the norm for many. Many play into the illusion that bad things cannot happen to them, so why bothering in planning for it? This mind frame is what leads to dangerous situations.

Those who wait until the government suggests it is necessary to evacuate will have more of a chance of getting caught in mass chaos, be amongst unprepared and stressed out drivers, and possibly face bouts of crime. Leaving at the wrong time can put a person and their family into jeopardy. Seeing the signs and knowing when to bug out will play a pivotal role in evacuating safely.