Instructions On How to Build a Fire Pit


A fire pit is a small pit that you start your very own fire in and sit around enjoying it with friends and family. The key is to learn the basics . When searching for the perfect location, look for areas that are not surrounded by other combustible materials that could easily start a fire.  Find an area where you can build in an open space so you can take full advantage of what it has to offer.

The area to build a fire pit in should be a safe position and ideal. Next is building it, after deciding how you want it to be, this will all depend on the size of the fire you are trying to create. Make sure you do not decide upon a fire pit that is too big otherwise it will create many problems for you. Most times, it is sufficient to make it with a circumference of around two to three feet.

With the size selection and measuring out of the way you can start building your fire pit. You will need some marking equipment and some digging equipment. Firstly mark out the shape of you fire pit then start digging away at the dirt and make sure that you go deep enough to accommodate the fuel source you are going to use. With this done you can now get some brick pavers to surround your fire pit this is just for added safety.

Now it is time to get the fire pit ready for use. Add some pea gravel and sand into the hole. This will form the basis of it. Let this settle overnight and then tomorrow you can get started on concreting the foundations to give it the permanency that you are looking for. It is that simple, and just think it was only yesterday that you were wondering how to build a fire pit. Now you have your very own and you can tell your friends how to build it for themselves.