Hurricane Survival Skills


Hurricane survival skills are important to know about world wide. Survival skills for hurricanes are a mix of the obvious and some aspects that might not be common sense to many citizens, as they are constantly changing along with technology.

Underground or Overground

The most obvious first reaction to a hurricane is to basically take some cover. Hurricanes could lead to floods, and so you have to be ready to either go underground, or cover up the windows and tie down heavy objects. Broken glass could lead to deaths. All types of pots and ceramics should be brought inside your home right before a hurricane strikes.

Hurricane Preparedness

If you are expecting a hurricane to hit , then you should store food and water to survive for three days or more. Electricity could be cut so it prevents any fires or explosions. Pack long shelved cans somewhere to be ready to eat when hungry, if all hell breaks loose. Make sure you have bottled water somewhere stored inside and make sure you turn off any natural gas outlets in order to prevent poisonous gas leaks, fires, or explosions.


Among the less obvious measures that enhance survival during hurricanes are radios and text messaging. Many radios need only batteries to perform and citizens can stay updated on events occurring around them rather than having to rely on electricity-powered computers and televisions. Information can mean life and death in many situations, so sheltering people should stay informed as often as possible about developments occurring around them. Text messaging is a much more efficient way to communicate with the outside world because their frequencies do not clog up cell phone towers in the way that phone calls do. Phones with keyboards are best suited for the practice of text messaging, so citizens should prepare accordingly.


If a flood occurs you should try and abandon your home and drive in land.