How To Make A Gas Mask


In case of an emergency, and some poisonous gases leaked from somewhere in your area, you will need to have a gas mask on you, or in the worst case scenario, you have to create one from scratch. Follow the steps below to create your own gas mask.

Step 1:

Get yourself a litter bottle and cut out the base of the bottle. So its open on one side. Then just cut two vertical slits into the bottle, upward toward the cap. Make sure each slit is about six inches.

Step 2:

Put the section between two slits and together with the two liter bottle you should have a funnel like shape with the base missing. This is what will be covering your face.

Step 3:

Get some duct tape and seal up the sides of the plastic so you can protect your face and not get scratched from the bottle.

Step 4:

After that just poke holes at the bottom of the aluminum can you have. Cut out the bottom of the can as well, just like you did with the 2 liter bottle.

Step 5:

Get some cotton and put it aroudn the canister you have created (the bottom of the can with holes at the base) and add some charcoal on top. This is what will work as the filtration/ventilation system.

Step 6:

Next, put the charcoal with another cotton so you can add some more filtration.

Step 7:

Create a hole at the center of your filter and slide it over the tip of the two-liter bottle. Tape both sections together with more duct tape.

Step 8:

Before this step, be sure to make sure you can breathe through the canister by trying on the mask. Poke two holes at the top corners of your mask, and cover those two holes with a rubber band to keep it strapped around your head.

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