How To Light A Fire Using a Magnesium Fire Starter


Magnesium fire starters are a must in any survival kit and are very easy to use. The greatest benefits to having one is that they can be used over and over again.  Magnesium fire starters do burn for a short period of time, but they burn at very high temperatures.

The typical magnesium fire starter are also very affordable.

There is also a change in quality.  Having soft magnesium means its more pure and it will work better.

The steps to get you to start your fire are the following:
Gather kindling and tinder for your fire. Examples of items you can collect are twigs, dead branches, dry bark or grass, pine needles, pocket lint, and paper.
Place your tinder in the designated spot for the fire.
When you use the emergency fire starter, the sparks you create must be able to ignite your pile of tinder.
Shave magnesium from your fire starter onto the pile of tinder.
The magnesium shavings are the elements that will be used to light your pile of tinder and kindling on fire.
Light the fire using the flint portion of your emergency fire starter.
Keep this fire burning to keep you warm , and to warm up your water so you can filter it.