How To Know When Canned Food Go Bad


There are ways to know when you should avoid canned food which have gone bad.

Usually a  person can’t see or smell if a can is contaminated with botulism spores, however, there are other contaminates that can be seen and smelled.  The signs are easy to spot and fairly easy to know what to look for.   Below are some examples of what you should look at a Bad Canned Food.

If you see the lid bulging moving up & down then this is a sign that the can has been exposed to extremely cold temperatures and relatively hot temperatures.  Which probably made the food go bad.

If you open the can, and food explodes when opened, then those are signs to stay away.  IF you see Rusting or corrosion of the can, then that means, the food has been exposed, once the corrosion creates holes that let air in as bacteria as wel. When Opened.  Obviously a leaking can is something you should stay away from.

If the can smells like an Acrid Smell, or smells pungent, acidic, chemical, or has a unnatural smell don’t eat it!  If you open the can and you see rising bubbles or weird colors, stay away.

If you open the can, and a hissing sound happens, then make sure you stay away too.



Carefully dispose of the contaminated food and stay away from canned food gone bad.


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