Five Best Flood Survival Tips


Flood is a natural disaster that affects many places in the world. It destroys property and causes death. The people living in the low-lying parts are the most hit. Surviving a flood will depend on your preparations. Your actions when disaster strikes are essential. You need to adopt the right measures. the five best tips you need to know

1. You should stay informed– You should know of any warnings by the weather department.

2. Be Prepared– You can relocate if you are in low lying areas. If you are in high areas, you can store enough food and water. Always have emergency kits.

3. A Void Floods– Do not walk or drive in the flooded area. The chances of drowning are high.

4. Stay Away From Bridge Water Sources– Don’t attempt to swim or stay under a bridge. You should avoid closing rivers or stand near them. 

5. After Floods– you should not drink tap water without treating it.