Essential Fire Making Kit Guide for your Survival Outdoors


You should always have a complete fire-making kit with a minimum of 3 fire-making tools plus some tinder.
Below are a list of Essential Fire Making tools for your Survival Outdoors.

Long-nosed fire place lighters, that are generally red and also black in color, last a lot longer under corrosive circumstances, and also they are usually excellent to almost any other lighter. Zippo lighters are another solution which uses wicks drenched within lighter fluid. Just make sure you have extra flints and also wicks with you.


Bring both types of matches. The basic, wooden, strike-anywhere matches as well as wood water-resistant matches that you could obtain in a sailing supply shop.

Magnesium bar:
It is a little rod of steel which, whenever you shave it powerfully using a knife, generates a tiny heap of magnesium, that ignites under any kind of circumstances — even if damp! On top of the bar will be flint, that creates a shower of white-hot sparks whenever you scrape this using a knife, lighting the magnesium.

Magnifying glass:

Get yourself a flat, bendable plastic material magnifying glass, somewhere around the size of a charge card, to concentrate the sun’s rays on the tinder. Tinder will be the extremely combustible stuff you carry which starts off the fire on the first try. A film container loaded with lint out of your clothing dryer and treated with a couple of of drops of lighter fluid or even fuel is a useful one, as will be rolled newspaper drizzled with paraffin wax. Some individuals like to stuff paper egg packages together with straw, pour inside wax, after which separate every small pocket to produce a set of fire starters. The wax and also straw burn off for as long as ten minutes, providing you time to get the kindling started. You may also locate commercially prepared tinder in the outdoors shops.