Emergency Preparedness: Tools to Help You Stay Organized


In virtually any situation, having an organized emergency preparedness plan is something that could seriously save your life.

Here are some tips to help you organize your emergency preparations.

Planning out your plan

Organizing your thoughts is the first thing you want to do.  You want to write out and plan out your emergency plan.  It will help you think of it through, and it will also help you realize what is missing and if everyone in your family is on the same page.

You should also think of different scenarios that could occur.  Plan for each situation  you can think of.  Fires, Floods, Tornadoes, power outages, or even nearby industrial accidents.  Doesn’t matter what , you need to take everything into account.

Taking Action with your Plan

Once you have a plan, you should start taking action and making the necessary preparations needed to get your survival equipment ready.

Writing Lists 

If you want to make sure you have taken into account everything, you should make sure you have a list you can check off, on what has been completed in your preparation planning.

Make sure you keep track of everything so you are staying organized and on top of things.


By keeping an inventory you will be prepared on knowing what is left from your needs.  Everything should be included in this inventory, by emergency foods and water rations, first aid kits and expiration dates and change what is needed to be changed if they are passed their expiration dates.

Emergency information:

Always remember to have all your medical information, medications, emergency contacts, and any other useful information.

Emergency Supply Area

In your car, office, home, and wherever else you might be during a crisis, make sure you have an area for your  emergency supplies you can have access to at any point and time.

Food Storage

When storing food, keep all food sources in airtight bags or containers. Always have extra containers on standby for any cans, boxes, or bags that are opened for use.  Keep them organized for easy finding.

Label Your Supplies

Label your supplies so you can easily access them during some kind of emergency.  You might not have the time to dig through and look for certain important things you need.

Contain It

Save time, money, and trouble by maintaining all of your hard-earned organization. Keep everything as clean as possible, and rotate supplies so nothing is expired when you need it most.

By being organized you can be ready for any type of emergency that may occur.