Candles for Survivalism


If disaster strikes your home, you probably could lose electricity power. So the best way to survive the emergency disaster is to work with candles. Candles are the traditional ‘go to’ source for light after the power goes out. Below you can find the candles which we think are eligible for the lowest price you can find for candles which can help you in your survivalism.

2-cents per hour Votive Candles

3-cents per hour Tea Light Candles

6-cents per hour Taper Candles

6-cents per hour Pillar Candles

Candles would be a good barter item for ‘grid-down’ SHTF.

Note: Store candles in a cool place (out of direct sunlight) so they will not melt or warp.

Note: Improper use of candles have been known to start house fires. Use appropriate base, holders, and be especially aware if you have children in the house. Keep them high enough and out of reach (pets too).