Building A Primitive Hut in the Wild


If you are a city boy, or a 9 to 5 type of person, you probalby don’t even experience nature as much as you should . And if you are stuck somewhere in the wild, you will need your survival instincts to come alive so you can survive. It could happen, to anyone, and you could be stranded, due to maybe a shipwreck, plane crash, or the GPS in your car broke down. You will have to face mother nature from there on out. So how do you begin? Where do you start from? In the video below, you get tro witness everything you need to know if you are in a similar position as mentioned above.

The silent protagonist of the video builds an impressive hut complete with a cot and a fireplace and a chimney, using nothing but materials he scavenged. He also shows you how to make fire, clay pots, and an a rock that turned into an axe.