Best Survival Tips If A Venomous Snake Bites You


Many people have died of snake bites. They are not able to differentiate the poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. They delay to seek medical help, brings further complication or even dying. There are three common types of snake venom. They include; Cytotoxin, Hemotoxins, and neurotoxins. If you live in a venomous snake infested area, here are the best tips that can help you survive, in case a poisonous snake bites you. 

1. Quick Response in A Calm Way

a) Call Emergency

Different countries have different numbers you can dial and ask for help in case of an emergency. In the US, you can dial 911.  You require the anti-venomous soonest. If the hospital is near, have someone rush you there. Driving yourself can be dangerous. Since some venom makes one blind or paralyze, you can cause an accident. You can even faint on the way as the poison penetrates.

B. Be Calm

If you are a movie fanatic, you might have seen some stars sucking the poison out. Don’t even try it. You might swallow the poison and bring more complications.  If you must, use a pump sucking device. Remain calm to regulate the heartbeat and the blood floor. It will prevent the faster spread of the venom.  

c. Giving a Description

Give your doctor all the information concerning that snake. If you managed to kill it, carry it with you. Different venom has different anti-venom. It will help to avoid the wrong prescription. It will also help in emergency response. Consultation with the poison control experts will also be comfortable. 

d. First Aid

Don’t try to stop breeding if the snake bites deeply. You need to apply some pressure on that wound. You can wash that area, with soap and clean water. If you are not sure of the snake had bitten you, don’t cleanse it. When the snake bites, it leaves traces of venom. Those traces can help the professionals identify the type of snake that had attacked you.

E. Understand the Symptom And Get Help

People who are bitten by different snakes produce different symptoms. You need to be keen on all the signs. If you are in a place far from the hospital may be in the forest or mountain hike, call emergency. Let your friends help you to a place where you can get help quickly.

Things to Avoid

1. Cutting the Would

Some people cut around the snake bite wound to prevent the spread of poison. Unfortunately, the poison is a ready spread. Cutting will only increase the pain and chances of infection. You need to remember that the snake fangs are curved. It is difficult to predict the exact place of the snake bite.

2. over the Counter Medication

Snakebite can be very painful. Some people get painkillers over the counter to reduce the pain. Some ignore going to the hospital once the pain lessens. Remember you require anti-venom. You have to take the medicine that is only prescribed by the doctors.

3. Applying Cold Compresses

In the effort of trying to reduce circulation, you might use ice packs. It is very risky since the poison may concentrate in your body tissue damaging them.

4. Electric Shock

Funny enough, some people believe that an electric shock on the wound will reduce circulation. There is no proof to show that. You will only be putting your life further in danger. 


Snake venom is deadly. Your first response should be to seek medical help urgently. Call for help calmly. If you did not see the snake, don’t wash the wound. Don’t drive yourself to the hospital. Avoid complicating matters furthers. If you manage to kill the snake after the bite, go with it to the doctor.