9 Wilderness Survival Skills Everyone Adventurer Must Know


Wilderness survival is an essential skill for all outdoor enthusiasts. Situations can always take a turn for the worst and knowing how to survive often depends on learning some very necessary skills and having an outdoor survival kit at your disposal.

Essential Outdoor Survival Skills

1.  It would be best to learn some navigation skills which can take you a long way from being lost in the woods. Every survival bag should have a compass.

2. Learn advanced ways on finding direction. Learn how to  find your way at night, by the wind, or by indicators on rocks, trees, and in the melting snow. If you were to lose your compass, having skills on navigation would increase your chance of survival.

3. Learn how to find  shelter in your environment. You will want to identify all possible sources of shelter.  Learn how to build a shelter out of any available material.

4. How to build a fire.  Fire is very important. A fire can keep you warm, light up your area, cook food and keep animals from coming close.

5. Know where food and water can exist in any environment. Learn how to tell what plants can be eaten. Knowing how to handle plants and fruits that you need to crack such as coconuts. Learn how to fish, trap animals, and how to prepare them for eating.

6. Learn how to tell the difference between safe and unsafe water sources. For safety, be able to find some way to heat water to sterilize it.

7. First aid is a must as an outdoor survival skill. First aid supplies should be first on your survival gear checklist.

8. Rocks, branches, and vines can help you create weapons. They will come in handy if you need a knife, club, hammer or yes, even a pillow.

9. Learn the skill of knowing what to do when you encounter a wild animal. Sometimes, running away or climbing a tree is not the best solution.

Remain calm, keep a level head, don’t make mistakes. The wilderness is a beautiful, and dangerous place, but it is not the enemy. You just need to work with it in order to survive. Smarts and a good wilderness survival kit will keep you alive.

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