7 Things to do when an earthquake hits


If the ground starts shaking, then that means there is an earthquake hitting your area and you need to act fast .  Here are our 7 things to do when an earthquake hits.

1 – Drop to the ground
2 – Take cover by getting under a sturdy desk or table
3 – Hold on to it until the shaking stops
4 – Do Not Run outside
5 – If by the beach, Move inland and high up in case of tsunami
6-  Stay Away from Downed or Damaged Power Lines and buildings
7 – If you’re driving, move the car out of traffic and stop

If you can’t find a table or desk, then drop to the ground, in a corner of the building and just cover your head with your hands and arms.

If you are in your bed, just stay there protecting yourself with your hands and your pillow. There might be shattered glass on the floor if you try getting out, so stay in bed and stay safe.

If you are outside of your home, or building while the earthquake is going off, then move away from any windows, powerlines, trees, signs, vehicles or anything that might fall and hurt you.

If you are driving while an earthquake hits, make sure you pull over immediately.  Do not stop over a bridge, an overpass, or anything else that might put you in danger.

If you are at the movies, or a sports venue, do not panic and start running.  Stay at your seat and make sure you cover your head and neck with your arms.

If you are at the beach, make sure you just drop and hold on until the shaking stops.  In case of a tsunami, try moving inland and high up a mountain if available, just to avoid any tsunami that may occur from the earthquake.

Basically your mission is to try and move or immediately protect yourself if an earthquake hits.  Do not panic.  Earthquakes could occur without any warning. Do not go under a doorway.  It’s a myth that it’s the safest place in the house.  It’s better to get under a table instead.

Do not run outside either. Trying to run when an earthquake hits, could be dangerous, as the ground is moving and you can easily fall or get injured from broken glass or building debris.


We feel that these 7 Things to do when an earthquake hits will help you survive an earthquake successfully.