6 Dangerous “Urban Survival Myths” Regarding Water


There numerous dangerous survival myths circulating round the Internet. For example, one of the very common ones is the idea that you ought to suck out the venom if your snake bites you (doing this can only make things worse). There are many others, and many of them need to do with water.

In this post, Survival Cache identifies 6 myths about water inside a survival situation. Unless you’re drinking water in bottles or water from the tap (and you realize the water supply hasn’t already been contaminated), you should purify any kind of water you acquire. If a person don’t, you risk getting sick and much more dehydrated than you already had been.

6 Dangerous “Urban Survival Myths” Regarding Water

As with everything in survival there are plenty of rumors floating around by what works and what doesn’t. With regards to staying hydrated and water success, there is no exception. We’ve found many of the most prevalent urban myths and dangerous rumors which have been passed along and decided to deal with them here.

1. Running drinking water is safe to drink

Don’t rely on it. Remember it came from somewhere and also the source or what it came in touch survival waterwith between the source and reaching where you are could be suspect. Typically if you need to choose between running water as well as stagnate water always default to the former but be sure you also treat and purify water before you consume it.

two. Eating snow is a good way to rehydrate safely

NO, This can actually lead to further dehydration because of the snow for survivalprocess your body has to undergo to heat and melt the snow when you eat it. It can also result in hypothermia. Also, if the snow has been on the floor for a significant period of your time it could contain bacteria along with other organisms that can make a person sick. Always try to melt snow before you decide to consume it. If the snow isn’t white & fresh, stay away from it or at least be sure you purify and treat it while you would any other suspect drinking water (after you melt it).

3. Drinking saltwater in a small amount is safeEmergency Preparedness

NO ABSOLUTELY NO NO. Drinking saltwater in any amount will result in further dehydration and DEATH faster than if you went without water whatsoever. You can use saltwater to cool off your body but never in order to drink.

4. Water found within natural depressions is safe in order to drink

NO, this should end up being treated before drinking. It has all of the risks associated with stagnate groundwater as well as runoff.

5. Drinking urine may prevent dehydration

You can drink urine one to two times in an extreme crisis but remember, urine is how you crisis preparedness waterpass waste products from your body. There is more water than waste material in a well hydrated individual nevertheless the ratio goes down as your hydration levels drop. Hence your urine will become darker colored while you become more dehydrated. To change and put those waste products back to your body and force this to process and filter all of them again causes more work and bogs the body systems down. This forces the body to need more water to accomplish the body processes and once more try and pass these waste material yet again, in addition towards the new waste products created through the increased workload. It is a procedure of diminishing returns and eventually the body will shut itself down.

6. Barrel Cacti really are a great source of water.

This isn’t necessarily true. Although cacti perform hold water, the odds are that the interior will be toughemergency preparedness drinking from the cactus and fibrous and the water contained won’t be abundant. In addition there is really a greater likelihood that the water inside is going to be bitter and acidic which might induce vomiting, diarrhea and cramping. This would further complicate a survival situation and accelerate dehydration.

There are probably more rumors available that are not addressed in the following paragraphs. We’d love to hear what you’ve heard with regards to water and survival, especially if you’re suspect about the claim. Maybe between us and the other readers on this website we can help dispel every other bad gouge out there. The end result is that you are going to become better off being as prepared as you possibly can and not risking your life being an experiment for rumor and untrue stories. Water is the most important ingredient inside your survival formula and looking after ensuring that you have use of this valuable commodity will spend tremendous dividends to you and all your family members. In future articles we goes over how to safely discover and prepare water for usage and survival.