4 ways to Find Potable Water


If you run out of water while you are out in the wild, then you gonna have to find Potable water , which is available if you know what to look for.  Water is the 2nd as a primary must if you are stuck out in the wilderness.

1. Graze on Grass.  You can chew grass blades, extract the moisture and then spit out the pulp.

2. Grape Vine to the Rescue. The liquid from a cut vine is also potable. Replant the severed vine, so it can sprout roots.

3. Make a Solar Tree Branch Still. Wrap a piece of plastic around the green leaves on a tree branch. You can drink from the moisture which forms from the condensation.

4. Dew Wiping. If there’s dew or moisture on non-poisonous plants, wipe that moisture with a cotton cloth for another safe source of water.

The advantage of these water collecting techniques is that you don’t have to boil the water. It’s a good idea to practice these techniques before you need to put them to use.


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