4 Tools You Can Make From JUST Plants


So what happens if you are stuck in the woods with nothing but a knife and clothes on your back.  You have no food and no shelter.  How would you survive?  There are many ways of surviving but also you will need to test out your own skills.  You need to learn how to use plants to your advantage.  There are 10 things you can create from just plants in the wilderness.  In the list below, we just want to name 10 of many other ways you can create tools which will help you in your survival ordeal.

These techniques don’t have to be saved for survival only. Anyone interested in self-reliance and homesteading would greatly benefit from mastering these skills and crafts.

Pine Needle Baskets

Choosing pine needles for basket making, you’ll want to look for varieties with a length of at least 5-8 inches. Ponderosa Pine, Southern Pine, and Long Needle Pine are some of the most commonly used varieties. Some pines produce needles up to 12″ long. If you’re fortunate enough to have this kind in your area, definitely choose it over smaller lengths.  Baskets are extremely useful for gathering food and medicinal plants, collecting eggs, and storing various items.

Grapevine Basket

Find Blackberry and raspberry brambles, honeysuckle, wisteria, and ivy. Be sure you know how to identify common wild plants in your region so you can avoid grabbing any poisonous ones- such as poison ivy!

 Gourd Storage Vessel

Gourds have been used by Native Americans for storing nuts, seeds, grains, and various other items. These are better for storing small items than baskets, which have gaps the seeds could fall through.

A Dipping Gourd for Water

When crafted properly, a gourd can also make a pretty sweet water container or dipper. It’s important that you learn how to do it right so you don’t have a funny taste left in your drinking water.

How To Carve A Wooden Spoon

Lindenwood is recommended for carving wooden utensils, because it is a soft wood and is easy to work with.




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