3 things To Know when Surviving in Urban Situations


3 things To Know when Surviving in Urban Situations

You may be prepared for an extended survival scenario from civilization, but you have to get free from the city first (maybe). In a disaster situation that is probably not so easy. If you have these three things in position you will greatly increase your own chances.

1. Get Home Bag

Imagine for a minute that you simply work downtown in a big city, maybe you ride the subway or have a bus to work everyday. You’re in a large office creating with many floors, thousands of individuals, and you are on the actual fifteen or twentieth story. If a disaster strikes how will you get out? I mean actually. If there is an earthquake, or a catastrophic man made event how will you get out of your creating? How are you going to get outside? How are you going to obtain home? Do you want to be among the people covered in dust roaming around in shock? I certain don’t.  You might have  a Bug out Bag?

Oh really, where is this? Even if it is inside your car it is useless to you at this time. The parking garage is at street level and perhaps blocks away. That could mean life or even death in this situation and you have to act now.

Even if you have access to to your Bug Out Bag, how much good would it would you in this environment? Most people’s W. O. B. is packed for survival within the wilderness. Camping gear, food, clothes, etc.

A Get Home Bag contains a completely different set of tools as well as serves one purpose: To get you from wherever you are to your house.

How to Choose an City Survival Bag

Your GHB should contain things that will get you out of the building just like a prybar. Things to help you allow it to be through the aftermath like drinking water and breathing masks. Things you may use to help rescue other people like flashlights or radios. Things that will help on what could be an extremely long walk home such as food and perhaps shoes.

Clearly a GHB isn’t a Bug Out Bag. Sure they’ve some overlap, but a GHB could be much smaller, less weight mindful, have more specific tools, and become planned for one purpose. Have you got one cached in your office or workplace?



Water Bottle

Dust Mask

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  1.   A Bug Out Plan

So you managed to get home, now what? Let’s assume how the SHTF out there. You have surveyed the situation and determined how the city is in mass chaos and you have to get out now. What would you do? Again, you have your own Bug Out Bag, but you’ve still got to get out of the town. Do you have a Irritate Out Plan?

For our purposes here lets assume that the Bug Out Plan needs to get you out of your home to your serious survival cache or Bug Out Location outside the city. I understand that no person has caches hidden in numerous places, and even fewer people possess a dedicated But Out Location. As you should probably be working upon that, you still need the Bug Out Plan.

There’s no way I can go through all the various problems you might experience while trying to bug from your city so you’ll have to plan for yourself. What I provides you with are some questions to consider and something rule: Contingency. Is your way to avoid it double, triple, and quadruple supported?

If the highways are shutdown have you got a surface street route?

If no roads are passable have you got an off road route?

If driving is unthinkable do you have a prepared walking or riding route? (Do you have maps of your area inside your Bug Out Bag? )

Have you got a rendezvous point with other members of the family?

3. A Bug In Strategy

Pretend you just got house again, but this time you surveyed the situation and decided that you’re not in immediate danger but continue to be not at situation normal.

Now what??

A Bug In Plan is perfect for emergency situations where you can stay in your house but have to rely by yourself preparations to survive. This might just mean that you’ll be without power or water to have an extended period. Maybe it means you really can’t leave your home at all for reasons uknown.

What plans do you have in position to live like this? A Bug in Plan will include food and water preparations first of all. What will you eat since all the food in your refrigerator will probably be bad soon? Do you actually want to live on the backpack meals from your Bug Out Bag when you don’t need to? (Be sure to stock the very best 100 Items that will Vanish First).