3 things to do to save your life in a survival situation


What’s around you? What’s in your extended surroundings?

Now that you have a decent idea of what you have on you and in the immediate area, you should have an idea of what you need to find.

The best way to do this is almost always to get a high vantage point. Climb a tree or get to the top of a hill. Look around and see what’s all around.   Look for how the land flows.  Water always goes downhill. Civilization always needs water so you’ll be more likely to find them around it.

Pay attention to cuts through the vegetation. In some cases, this may be a stream but in a lot of cases, it could be a road, a powerline, or a pipeline.

Compare your area to what’s around. If you’re in an area that has no plants, you probably won’t find many animals or much water. See what may be better.

Once you’ve got a good idea on your surroundings, head  back and start assigning duties to your team.

Get people for fire, water, shelter etc.  Each time you’re in a new camp area, you should revisit your three inventories and adjust your plans.

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