3 Emergency Survival Tips!

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Too many types of natural disasters are found in the world today.   You have hurricanes, tidal waves, bush fires and floods.  These usually happen when you least expect it.  The effects of these natural disasters could change lives, and kill people.  If you have been prepared for such an event before it happens, there will be a far greater chance that you and your family will be able to survive it and be safe and sound when the “storm” passes.

There are many ways to prepare for impending disaster .  Below are a few useful tips you should follow to ensure that you are prepared for natural disasters and their aftermath:


If your area where you live is prone to floods usually, then make sure you have the necessary equipment to deal with it at any time.  You should have an axe at hand to break yourself through any obstacles caused by the natural disaster.  Life vests  should be available as well .

If a hurricane strikes you should know that usually people get trapped at home.  There could also be the fear of rising water levels which could eliminate your breathing space, or even possible drowning.  Having an axe at hand, will help you break your way to safety, which in this case would be the roof of your home.

Water = Life Saver

Having water available could be the most important survival item you need.  Water is the integral to your survival and your life.  Know this, you woudn’t last over 3 days without water.  That’s how important it is to you.  Make sure you have prepared a 1 gallon of water per person for everyone in your family.   The minimum amount of water needed for a person to live during a normal day is about 1 quart.

Water Filter

To make sure you have water to drink, and its drinkable and clean, you should install your own water filter at home.  In order to ensure that you can have water to drink even a. There are natural water filters that use layers of sediment and rock in order to purify contaminated water and make it good for drinking. While it won’t be as good as boiled and treated water, it will provide a low-toxicity supply of drinking water indefinitely. In addition to this, if you stock up on chemicals to purify water, you are going to be good to go for a few weeks if you want to.