Many are scared by the mention of a possible tornado. It is a violent wind that is accompanied by heavy rains, hail, and lightning. With a speed of up to 480km/hr, the wind of a tornado can carry your car in the air and level your building. Storms cause massive death and destruction. Your actions can reduce or increase your chances of survival. Here are the best three tips to help you survive

1. If You Are In a Building

If a building has a tornado safe house, hide immediately. If it doesn’t have, stay in the lowest level in a room without windows.  Avoid hiding in a tall building or those with many windows.

2. If You Are In an Open

If you see the danger signs of a tornado, drive or run to the shelter nearby. If there is no shelter nearby, stay in the car. If you have no car, look the lowest spot, and hide there. If you’re sailing in a boat, check tornados direction and move perpendicularly. 

3. If You Get Reports of Possible Tornado At Home

Check the warning signs. Make an emergency plan on where to hide. Ensure you have enough food and water and first aid kits. Remove any dangerous debris around your house.