10 Ways to Use Coffee Filters for Survival


Every prepper knows that multipurpose items save space and money.  Coffee filters are are inexpensive, light-weight, and readily available. You can find coffee filters at the dollar store, Amazon, Costco, the corner grocery, and even on EBay.

In this article you will find 10 ways to use Coffee Filters for Survival

  1. Use in place of a rag or paper towel.  Using a coffee filter as a makeshift rag.

2.  Keep insects away from food, when cooking or dining outdoors.  You can cover your plates and bowls of food with coffee filters to keep the insects at bay.

3.  Pre-filter collected water when collecting water, you will likely find some sediment, leaves, twigs, or other undesirable matter in the water.

4.  Make a disposable plate or bowl, if you are bugging out or on the run, plates and bowls, even disposables, may be hard to find.

5.  Keep small hardware items organized.   Nails, screws, and all manner of fix-it items are good to have on hand in your survival kit. Secure them in little bundles made of coffee filters. Tie off the bundles with some paracord since that will be useful too.

6.  Help clean your Glasses.  The next time you need to clean your glasses, try using a coffee filter with a bit of plain water. Your glasses will come clean and will be lint-free. You can also use coffee filters to safely clean cell phone, E-reader, and computer screens.

7.  Protect your cast iron skillets from rust.  Put some coffee filters in the skillet when it’s not in use. The filter will absorb moisture and prevent rusting.

8.  Use it as emergency toilet paper.  A coffee filter will work just fine – just don’t flush it down a toilet.

9.  Use it as a pet pooper scooper.  Coffee filters work like a little glove for taking care of your pet’s business.

10.  Keep potting soil where it belongs.  Before placing soil in a pot, cover the hole in the bottom with a coffee filter. This will prevent the soil from leaking out and yet will allow the excess water to drain properly.