10 Traits of Successful Preppers and Survivalists


Preppers and Survivalists usually are very diverse in terms of backrounds. They come from every part of this world and could be anyone. From rich, to poor, to medium class. They all have something in common though. They understand that being prepared for emergency disasters, with supplies, weapons and surviving skills is essential to to surviving.

Problem is people usually get into this lifestyle of living without really understanding what it takes to be successful at it. In this article, you will learn the 10 traits of successful Preppers and Survivalists.

10 Traits of Successful Preppers

1. The Will to Live

Top trait we found is that preppers share a shere determination to live. They have a will to live.

2. Thirst for Knowledge

Successful preppers want to learn and gain knowledge. There is always something new to learn and to keep the prepper’s brain engaged.

3.Strong Family Values

Preppers understand the importance of the family and family safety.

4. Survival Instinct

Every prepper is a handyman. They can create items, tools, or anything basically that might be needed, from things you find around the home.

5. Compassion for Others

Compassion is a trait most preppers possess. The felling that you want to help others in need.

6. Physical and Mental Fitness

Mental and physical fitness are imperative for survival, and preppers know this. Most preppers know this and work toward a goal of physical and mental fitness each and every day of their lives.

7. Thinking Clearly and Rationally

It is important for all preppers to think rationally and clearly in terms of deciding the fate of their safety or for others. By considering various catastrophic scenarios in advance, preppers could make plans for dealing with the risks most inherent to their geographical location and personal circumstances.

8. Ability to Bargain

Preppers know how to be bargain and hussle when needed. Helps them collect essential items for suvival.

9. Understanding of the Value of Networking

Preppers know how to network online or offline. Get together with other same like minded people everywhere in this world.

10. Confidence and Positive Mindset

Confidence and positive mindset is vital for the survivalist. Keeps them going. There is a strong will to live, either be through religion, or family, or just own self beliefs.

We hope you have these traits as well. If you do, you are in the right path of being a successful prepper. At the end of the day, if the world goes to heck, you will find that having these traits will allow you to prevail, if not in comfort, then at least in safety.

I invite you to share any traits I may have missed in the comments area below. And blessings to all of you in your pursuit of preparedness.