10 things You Shouldn’t Throw Away


As a survivalist, you need to look at all of the items that you have on hand including what you may throw away in the garbage. There are still a lot of things that we all commonly throw away that could be useful for others in survival situations which could save people’s lives.

Here are 10 items which you are more than likely to throw away!

1. Towels and Old Clothing rags. Almost all of us have towels and old clothing rags lying around. Do not throw those away but instead wash them, and put keep them for first aid kit, to make bandages.

2. Garden Hose. You can use a gardening hose as a gas siphoner to remove the last ounces of gasoline from abandoned vehicles.

3. Empty Food Cans. Empty food cans serve a multitude of uses during a survival situation. You can string them together across your property and then fill them with pebbles to make an alarm system, or you can use them to cook food. You also can use them to help organize items.

4. Empty soda cans. With soda cans you can remove the tabs and fashion them into fishing hooks

5. Garbage bag. Many survival experts actually consider the simple garbage bag to be one of the most versatile survival items of all time. It doubles as a poncho so long as you cut three holes for your head and arms in it, and it can be used in the construction of a shelter. It also can be used as a bag to transport your survival items.

6. Socks. Rather than throw away old socks, keep them around for survival. While they don’t purify water, they will help to filter it by removing most of the sediment that is visible. Cotton socks are an excellent source of tinder for starting fires.

7. Altoid tins. Altoid tins are simply perfect having mini survival kits that you can fit in your pocket. They are durable and can be tightly shut to ensure that everything is kept together. Inside an Altoid tin, you can store things such as small knives, compasses, matches, lighters, bandages, gauze pads, needles and thread, fishing line, hooks, medications, kindling, and so on.

8. Paper clips. One of the most ubiquitous items in America is none other than the paper clip. You can use it as a fishhook, as an antenna or as a splint for fingers and toes. You also can use it for sewing or for hanging up clothes on a line.

9. Egg cartons. Egg cartons are simply great for planting seedlings and making small gardens that you can take with you on the go.

10. Old ChapStick. Many of us like to throw away old ChapStick tubes when the actual ChapStick is almost out, but we suggest that you save as many as you can. When applied to open wounds, ChapStick will seal the wound off against outside elements and prevent an infection from developing. It is also a good fire starter if it is rubbed with cloth, cotton balls, or even wood.