10 Survival Skills Your Granparents know about


Today, we depend our surivvial through the system. Basically, we depend on electricity, water, and natural gas. We also depend on our complex supply chain which brings us , technology, and food. Really, without this complex supply chain , we woudn’t know what to do, unlike our Grandparents who used to know.

We are forgetting what our Grandparents knew on surival, and its getting worse. Old generations learned how to do a wide of skills without any systems. Everything from carpentry, building, mechanic work, whatever would get your hands dirty, they would know how to.

The older generations were working more with agricultural society, where people were self-reliant and self dependent. There are multiple skills they had which modern society no longer considers necessary.

But if we were to have a breakdown in society, those skills which we never bothered to learn would become essential. Those who don’t know these skills would either have to learn or die trying.

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