10 Foods That Last Almost Forever


Want to find out which foods last forever? Usually certain foods have ingredients inside foods which help them last longer.

Here’s a list to get you thinking about naturally long lasting food storage preparedness:


This can last forever. Sugar has an indefinite shelf life because it does not support microbial growth.


There are 30 uses for salt. Salt will last indefinitely. Sals is a mineral and it will never spoil. Salt is a powerful flavor enhancer and anti-microbial meat preservative.

Honey comes with many benefits. Raw honey keeps well because it contains practically no water content and it’s loaded with sugar. This will dry out any bacteria that attempts to make its home in honey. The consistency and color of honey can change over time. An easy fix for crystallized honey is to gently reheat it. Honey also serves as a topical wound healing treatment.

White rice will last almost indefinitely with proper storage (sealed, airtight container in a cool dry place). Brown rice, on the other hand, has a short shelf life of generally 6 to 12 months because of its higher oil content which causes it to go rancid more quickly.

Dried beans can last almost indefinitely if stored properly. Gradual moisture loss will eventually affect the taste and texture, and old beans will need longer soaking and cooking times (try adding salt toward the end of the recipe to avoid toughening up the skin).

A few practical uses for vinegar. White Vinegar is made out of corn. Apple Cider Vinegar is (you guessed it) made out of apples. Vinegar contains a low pH and is technically a preserved food. Vinegar can be used as a condiment and a cleaning agent.

Powdered milk has pretty much an indefinite shelf life when sealed up. If you don’t have your own milking cow, this is a great alternative for SHTF food storage ?

‘Wheat Berries’ if stored properly (e.g. in a 5-gallon bucket) will last for many decades (or longer!). A flour mill will be needed to grind the wheat into flour.

Unrefined coconut oil is also called virgin coconut oil. This type of coconut oil has the most nutritional benefits and the shelf life has been documented as anywhere from 2-5 years to ‘indefinite’. It can be used in place of butter, shortening, and cooking oil.

Hard liquor. Distilled spirits will last indefinitely. It will never go bad (even if it has been opened). Not only is it a pain relief and stress reliever but can be a disinfectant (wounds). Be aware that ‘Liqueurs’ though contain sugar and other ingredients that can spoil over time. Cream liqueurs have dairy, cream or egg and only last about 18 months.

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